Hey everyone,

With the advent of Facebook, I’m not sure blogging sites are worth it anymore as the traffic has just died over the years. But I guess I will attempt to post once in a blue moon to show that this site is still active. Well pages certainly are, but the front, rarely.

They always say to post something that is unique, or different that you can’t find anywhere else so maybe I’ll post reviews on my gadgets or thoughts on my canoe trips or something.

In that vein, I’d like to point people towards the website of Kickstarter It is a website where people with ideas/projects come forward asking for money. Similar to Dragon’s Den in Canada/UK and Shark’s Tank in the USA, if the project gets funded you usually get rewarded with some kind of unique gift, like a prototype or first run of the product. It usually doesn’t take much money to get in on these projects and there really is something for everyone, from technology, to plays, to food, to fashion, games and more.

For those that know me, I’m a gadget fanatic and I like small devices that make life easier somehow, especially for canoeing/camping/hiking or just outdoorsy things. Here are the projects I’ve backed so far:

tPod: Power from a tea light candle

Steam Bandits: Three interconnected games all done in one. This combines different games styles into one game, where one person might like to build a small town, and another do tactical battles, it combines them so you can play with each other.

Trifecta: A card game for two people

Limeade: A very high capacity battery, I chose the 18,000mAh

Shroud of the Avatar: Lord British himself (Richard Garriot) is bringing back the world of RPG

Pocket Monkey: a slim utility card for your wallet

Dice Rings: Similar to meditation rings, these guys spin on your fingers and produce random numbers

Star Citizen: Chris Roberts, the man behind Wing Commander bringing back the space genre game style

Java Tea Project: Tea that tastes like coffee, I got in on their first run

Smallworld 2: Bringing a better version of Smallworld to portable devices

myLED: The one thing I miss about my Blackberry is the visual notification from the little light, this guy fixes it for the iPhone. No SMS support (yet) but everything else is good.

WakaWaka Power: A super efficient solar battery with USB output, and this guy is just pumping out products for charity around the world in Haita and Syria, the support helps him do that

NeuroDreamer Sleep Mask: I always thought lucid dreaming was kind of cool, so thought this may help out

Castle Story: A voxel based strategy game, think Minecraft meets Starcraft, you build it, then you have to defend it

Those are the successful ones, I have also back two others that didn’t make it, the one to remake M.U.L.E. and another that was going to build a real life physics game based on flight backed by Bill Nye.

So you can see my interest is gadget techie things, for the most part, but there are tons of things in there for everyone. Check it out, you will find yourself getting hooked like me.

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