Been playing with a new piece of software, you can see the results on the Dragonboat and Gargantua pics pages, Catherine is leaving us for Hearst soon and we will have Melissa joining us for the school year. No more dogs attacking skunks in our backyards…
In addition, I will be off on vacation for 10 days, not sure where I am going, but you can be sure, I’ll take lots of pictures.

Honda and Batman

Saw two short clips lately. One a Honda Accord commercial and a Batman vs. Joker vs. Alien vs. the Predator. Both are quite amusing. The Honda commercial is pretty neat because it was all about precision. There is no CG (Computer Graphics) to this commercial, and it was shot over 600 times to get it just right. To see the original Honda site you have to visit Honda UK (notice the steering wheel on the right when you watch it).

The Batman mini movie was done by amateurs, but it looks more professionally done then the real Batman movies. If you are just a fan of any of the four, check it out. Beware though, it’s a 160meg d/l for the high quality one.