Agawa – almost time

Well we are just about to take off for what the guys are calling Death Trip 2004, although I think we will be just fine. Going down the Agawa River.

Also Jill is having fun in Scotland, sounds like a blast, will hold her to that postcard. Also heading to Nova Scotia around June 9th for Andrew’s wedding and some fun, going alone so far, if anyone wants to join me, drop me an email!

Canoe Trip – Agawa

Well the canoe trip is in one week, then I am off to Nova Scotia a couple weeks later. Contract is up at the MNR in August. Summer is certainly starting off to be a cool one. Also Ryan has taken over DMing for a while, so I can get back to playing and relaxing, not so much prep anymore. I’ll take lots of pictures on the canoe trip down the Agawa River and when I get to Andrew’s Wedding in Cape Breton!