About Keplerian Longships

What is Keplerian Longships?

Well to be honest, it doesn’t really mean anything. It just incorporates two things I really enjoy.

1) Keplerian is named after Johannes Kepler. He has his work named after him, for instance, Keplerian Elements and Keplerian Motion. I really enjoy astronomy and he is probably most known for his Laws of Planetary Motion. A good link to read about the man is here.

2) Longships is really just a type of boat used by the Vikings. They were the first to come across the Atlantic and if you have seen one of these boats, you really have to admire the courage they had. The real reason I have chosen Longships is that is has been my favorite song for over 10 years now. It is from the artist Enya on her Watermark CD.

There you have it!

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