Christmas coming

Not much to report, just working away. Christmas is coming, very few people to shop for this year, will be a bit wierd. Just been playing Age Of Mythology and trying to get some things straight. May experiment by putting some of Andrew Duke’s music on my website, we’ll see. If you want to see my resume I have put it on my site. Applied to teacher’s college, we’ll see about that one. If you want to see my Christmas list, well, you will have to ask =) Stay in touch!

Birthdays and Roommates

Ryan’s birthday was on the 28th of August, a month before mine. Happy Birthday Ryan. Joy’s was yesterday, she is now 32 as well, for another 22 days we are the same age. Ryan Sitch’s bday just passed this past Sunday. Then Joy’s and Shannon’s wedding anniversary will be at the end of the month, straddling my birthday, ugh, so many.

Well Catherine moved in today, and Patrick is still doing the ultra slow move as well. So I am no longer living alone, I have roomies again, hehe. We’ll see how it is after living alone for so long.

Lord of the Rings Trailer

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Trailer is all over the net. I still didn’t like the first book and they really skipped a lot in the movie, heck, it was alot, but the next two books were much better. So I am hoping the second movie is even better, and by the looks of the trailer, it does so far.You can find a good listing of where to get the trailer over at Ain’t it Cool News

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