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More changes, kinda

Well after talking to Tonya, I realized my pictures area needed an overhaul. I’m using the same system I did years ago, about 10 give or take. So I’m switching to Coppermine to do it all, even though I still have my Flickr account. It’s here, but no link yet as I move the pictures over, they should be up aound soon.

Other then that, Dad is out of the hospital and should be home in a couple weeks. Easter is coming so going home to see him and also pick up my canoe! We are heading to Quetico this year, no white water, no water at all really, so we’re going lake hopping and do some camping, should be fun, let me know if you are interested.

Also picked up Company of Heroes, good game so far.

There and Back Again

I am back from Toronto and home in Thunder Bay, the IPAC/TOPS Symposium I was at was actually pretty good. Learned alot and met new friends, and put faces to those I have already been speaking to. As well, got to see dad after his operation and for the most part he is doing OK, but it can be touch and go there. No movies coming up, but I am interested in seeing 300, anyone else?

Off to Toronto

I’m off to Toronto today for the TOPS (Tomorrow’s OPS) Symposium. It is also cohosted by IPAC, so both Canadian and Ontario governments will be there, should be interesting. As well, Dad had his surgery yesterday so for those asking he is doing fine from what I understand and I’ll visit with him while I am down there, guess the whole family will be down there too! Be back soon.

Watsee Married

New Message Boards are up, my database backend was hacked into and I was hosting a phishing site for a British bank in there, eek! So I blew away all the message boards, sorry, and stepped away from myPhP messageboard.

Also Watsee got married and I took some pics.

Loads of Pics

Updates, lots of new pics, couple old, and lots of new. Dad’s 60th Birthday Centennial Park 2004 Thunder Bay Cascades Winter 2005 Centennial 2005 Lazy Weekend USA Cascades Kakebeka Falls 2005 Duluth 2005 Canada Day 2005 and a couple old ones.