Dentists, love them? hate them?

Last time I saw a dentist it was 1989, sounds like a long time ago to me. So since I am permanent and have benefits I may as well use them. I’m a big baby when it comes to pain and needles so I wasn’t looking forward to this. Last time I even got close to something like this was when I got my wisdom teeth extracted (notice I use that word and not removed, sounds more painful). They had to give me nitrous oxide (laughing gas) before they even got close with a needle.

So this time, I wasn’t looking forward to how my teeth were after 18 odd years. But I was plesantly suprised to find my teeth are in pretty good shape. No cavities, but they wanted me back for a cleaning. It took over an hour just to check, x-ray and head inspection.

So nervous again, back in the chair, but the cleaning went really well. They said my teeth are really in good shape and barely needed much cleaning.

Neato eh? I’m happy, teeth happy and even got some gas on the way, but next time I’ll go gas free.

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