New School Year

Happy Birthday Joy-Lynn (my sister)
Wow time flies when you get busy eh? Yvonne and Angela have moved in, will have to take some pictures. Pat is gone house sitting for the school year at Cat’s place, so it is just the three of us. I am not at the MNR right now, but hope to be back in November sometime, so for now I can catch up on all the little things I need to do, and just not spend alot of money and relax. Ok, I didn’t buy my Canon Digital Rebel (sniff, sniff) but I did buy a new living room set, couch, loveseat, tables, I must be getting old… Put them away for nine months and pay later. With some time off now, I can rest the ankle (ya, its screwed) and rest the brain. I will be revamping the site since I now have time to do so, so within the next few weeks, it will all change. Look for it, I’ll try to make it more interesting, and yes, movie reviews are gone, was too much maintenance.