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SCA again?

Been looking at getting back into the SCA, we will see how the summer goes. I have no idea where the next 6 months will take me. Pat and I each made 11 gallons of mead, so who knows? Still at the MNR, things are interesting there, lots of software development. Have some new things for the site soon, keep your eyes open!

Jeannette’s Father

Just found out Jeannette’s father passed away this past Thursday. I’m very sorry to hear this, and for those of you that know her, you know how to get a hold of her to express your condolences. For those of you that don’t know her, she was my former fiance, and you can see her all throughout my pictures, the random pics above will occasionally show her. Sorry Jeannie, hope you are alright.

MHS Yearbooks

Not much new on the site here. Just plugging away at work, which pretty much has turned into a software development job. We go to the courts with MTO this Thursday, wish us luck, the morons, grrrr. As most of you know, most of my childhood was in Wawa. I was contacted through Classmates (ya the ones with annoying pop-ups) and asked by a gentleman to borrow my old High School Yearbooks. They have this site going MHS Yearbooks in preparation for MHS’s 2004 50th anniversary. Summer is upon us soon, hopefully it will start shaping up like those I’ve had in the past. It seems to keep snowing here in Thunder Bay.

Life continues on

It’s March already? Egad… Well into the new job. It is ok, the GIS is tedious, and not as interesting as I remember, but the coding is pretty cool, but it’s Visual Basic! HA. I wish I could do more web work. Catherine is gone soon, and we may have to find a new roomie for the summer. D&D going strong although I finally see an end to the Brapian Campaign. The next 6 months should be some of the most interesting in my life, as many things could happen soon. I do miss the gang at TSB, but I have to try a few other things out in life before I settle right?

New job

Well almost 5 years and my days at Toronto School of Business are over. I’ve accepted a position at the Ministry of Natural Resources as a Geomatics Technician. I will be doing GIS, programming and possibly some training. Big move for me, as it is only contract, and hopefully will turn out to be something more. I also applied to teacher’s college for this fall, so I have many options open to me at this time. Wish me luck

Moving Out!

Packing up, moving out. Our house was broken into twice in a short few months, so we are saying screw it, and getting out. Lost too much! Found a new place, so we are moving into there, I actually lived in this house in the early 90s. Get in, and go home to Wawa for Christmas, ugh…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Not much happening, just doing some shopping, playing D&D with the guys, and my parents are up visiting. Revamped my site up a little bit on the About Me page, cleaned it up, and made it less personal. Let me know what you think.

Christmas coming

Not much to report, just working away. Christmas is coming, very few people to shop for this year, will be a bit wierd. Just been playing Age Of Mythology and trying to get some things straight. May experiment by putting some of Andrew Duke’s music on my website, we’ll see. If you want to see my resume I have put it on my site. Applied to teacher’s college, we’ll see about that one. If you want to see my Christmas list, well, you will have to ask =) Stay in touch!